#4 – U Can’t Touch This (26 Apr 2007)

The Speed of Comics

It’s strange, the speed of webcomics…

Wayne likes this strip a lot. It’s the most colourful so far, if you ignore the Dream Jimi panel from strip 1. The thing is, because we’re working a couple of months in advance, the strips that Wayne is working on today won’t be seen on the site for quite a while. At the moment, Wayne is packing the work-in-progress strips with colour… and they’re looking great.

But who knows where we’ll be when those colourful strips hit the site? The speed of webcomics, drip-feeding the story like a delicate torture, could see Wayne in his nihilistic Blue Period by the time we post his current colourful offering. He may stare at those colours in contempt. I can hear him now… “Not blue enough! Scrap them all!”

It’s the same with the story. Out in the Real World, we’re a mere four strips in, and the story is just beginning to unfold. Wayne is working on completed strips two months down the line, while I’m tinkering with scripts a further two months in advance. The speed of revelation sometimes seems glacial. I want everyone to see what Wayne is currently working on… it looks great! And I want Wayne to read all the funny stuff I currently have in my head… it makes me laugh in my sleep!

Alas, we have but the medium in which we work… drip drip drip. And while it’s fun to take the journey together, it’s easy to see why there’s usually a collection taken for the driver when we reach our destination.

For now, enjoy the colour, and the silly jokes. Who knows where we’ll be, six months down the road?