The Cast

Tim Tyler

Tim TylerTim Tyler lives with his mother in a semi-detached house in a small English town. He is older than he looks, but younger than you think. He works for a living, forty hours a week in a thankless, dead-end office job. At night, he dreams of Rock n’ Roll. He’s been playing guitar since his teenage years, and has just mastered bar chords. Of late, he’s been plagued by inescapable visions… the Ghost of Jimi Hendrix haunts his waking moments, begging him to start a rock band. Understandably, Tim is not adverse to this idea…





ColinColin is Tim’s best friend. They met many years ago, when they were mere boys. He too works forty hours a week in a thankless, dead-end office job – he’s a lowly IT technician – but he is not plagued by the spirit of a dead musician. He plays the guitar, and enjoys rock and/or roll. Perhaps the best phrase to describe Colin is "not quite." He’s not quite cool, not quite attractive, and not quite important enough to warrant his own spin-off comic.



Mrs Tyler

Mrs TylerTim lives with his mother. He loves her and she loves him. Again, she’s as ageless as her son, although it’s safe to say she’s at least sixteen years his senior. She’s aging well, and she thinks herself to be a hip and groovy mum. Of course, the very second the words "hip and groovy" escaped her lips, she proved conclusively that she was neither. All this hasn’t stopped Jimi taking a shine to Mrs Tyler, although the fact that he’s a ghost and she can’t see him does put a crimp in their possible relationship.




The Ghost of Jimi Hendrix

The Ghost of Jimi HendrixThe Ghost of Jimi Hendrix has a mission… to facilitate the creation of the most kick-ass rock band since, well, the Jimi Hendrix Experience. To accomplish this, he’s latched onto Tim Tyler, which proves that ghosts can be stupid too. He currently lives in Heaven with a host of other deceased musicians. He avoids spicy foods before bedtime, as he fears succumbing to an upset stomach while sleeping.



The Ghost of John Lennon

The Ghost of John LennonImagine there’s no Heaven. It’s easy if you try. No Hell below us. Above us only sky. Yep, it’s a safe bet that the Ghost of John Lennon feels pretty silly round about now. The Ghost of Jimi Hendrix has called upon The Ghost of John Lennon in order to guide our hero Tim along the rocky path toward superstardom. His first piece of advice? Avoid japanese conceptual artists.




Mr Ricketts

Mr RickettsMr Ricketts is Tim’s boss. He’s a fairly generous employer, and not much higher on the corporate food chain than Tim himself. Like Tim, he too has musical aspirations – he played the tuba in his school band. While he’s no stranger to idle daydreaming, I doubt the Rock Tuba Stylings of "Rikketzz" will be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone any time soon…




JaneJane is one of Tim’s coworkers, a comrade in the mill of corporate drudgery. She’s also a keen musician, with her weapon of choice being the keyboard. Whether she’s tricked out with the latest in Roland V-Synth GT technology or more of a Bontempi Organ kinda girl remains to be seen. Whatever her musical proclivities, she’s certainly playing orchestral symphonies in Tim’s rockin’ heart.



Bill the Barman

Bill the BarmanBill is the barman of Tim’s local boozer. He’s quiet, friendly, and he enjoys both types of music: Rock AND Roll. His favorite drink is Babycham… unless anyone is watching, because then it’s Newcastle Brown Ale. While his twinkling eyes and Catweazle beard mask a heart of pure gold, he does have a dark side. Watch out for the infamous “I Could Murder A Pint – Crime Gentlemen Please” strip, coming soon to an Internet near you!