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All characters and events in this comic – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional. It’s all meant in good humour. No animals were harmed in the creation of this strip.

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Damn Yankees
date: 11th November 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
I hate you all... how I want Guitar Hero 3. It's not out over here until 23rd November. I hate that... it's not as if we're a backward nation. We have running water!

Sorry for the delay!
date: 7th November 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Missed us?

Sorry for the missed updates, folks. Wayne had a critical computer meltdown, resulting in masses of deleted and corrupted work. Things have now been fixed, and hopefully we're back on schedule.

In strip news, it appears that Tank has been convinced that keyboards may bring that missing ingredient that the band needs. Of course, he may simply be high on the bleach-block fumes after ruminating in a urinal for over a week.

And Bill the Barman begins to reveal his true colors... The Phantom of the Pot-Wash is near!

Keyboards are the devil!
date: 28th October 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Gotta love a guy with strong opinions...

Where'd ya get those peepers?
date: 25th October 2007
time: 2:14pm
posted by: Craig
Sorry for the slight delay today, folks. Wayne's Internet connection decided to rebel on him at the eleventh hour. Thankfully, no harm done.

Poor Mr Armstrong. Doing his damdest to get some rock credentials. Maybe it ain't such a wonderful world after all.

Oh yeah... but for the vagaries of spelling, this strip woulda been called "Louie Louie."

Take a look to the sky, just before you die...
date: 21st October 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Rehearsals proceed apace... and the cracks are showing. Artistic differences about, and personalities clash.

If it comes to fisticuffs, my money's on Tank. Sure, Obsidian has the reach, but Tank has the obvious weight advantage.

date: 14th October 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
We made it to our 50th strip!

When I first saw this one in all its glory, I physically cried with laughter. Wayne definitely pulled out all the stops here. Although I must say that poor Tank got the shortest straw... he's actually more muscular in "real life," if ya get me.

We've still got a lot of story to tell, and a lot of gags to crack. Thanks for sticking with us thus far... and if you like us, leave a comment and tell your friends!

The first 50 are under our belts... here's to strip 100!

Houston, we have a band
date: 10th October 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
So, after 49 strips, we have a completed band with a name:


Yeah, I'm sure you guessed that'd be their final moniker. You had 24.5 weeks of staring at the header to figure it out.

Tune in on Monday for our half-century strip, which promises to be a little bit different...

(Did I say "completed band with name" ...? Oh, if only life were so simple...)

Hear the sound of the funky drummer
date: 4th October 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Man, I miss the drums. Sadly, in my tiny house, there's no room for a drum stool, never mind a drum kit.

When I win the lottery, I'm gonna have a recording studio in my house. That'd be sweet.

Update Delay
date: 4th October 2007
time: 5:05am
posted by: Wayne & Craig

Due to unavoidable circumstances, today's update has been delayed for 24 hours. Come back tomorrow for the next strip!

Craig and Wayne

Here come the drums here come the drums...
date: 26th September 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Thankfully, when I was a gigging drummer, the drumkit I used belonged to someone else (the singer). Thus he'd bring it to the venue, and we'd set it up together. Either that, or we'd use the drums of another band on the bill, to save mucking everyone about. I'm not precious, and we weren't that good.

Here's a big hello to everyone who's recently visited the site for the first time! Of course, it appears that out "Leave A Comment" feature is currently out of order. We should have it fixed early tomorrow. So could you all come back then and say hello? Yay!

Oh, and a big hello to all our regular readers too. We love you all :)

Making A Racquet
date: 23rd September 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
We've all done it, at one time or another. Though in my case it was with a broom rather than a tennis racquet.

And so the disintegration begins...
date: 12th September 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Yep, it's the first official band meeting, and the cracks are already appearing...

And for the record, Moribund Oblivion are a real band, the song is a real song, and the lyrics are the real first line. Man, I had fun looking for something suitable there. Sadly, most were unsuitable for a family site :)

Delayed Comics
date: 10th September 2007
time: 2:02am
posted by: Craig
Hello there!

It's been a busy few weeks over here at Ungrateful Dead. Wayne has been busy with little Toby, and has just started back at work after the summer break. As for me, I've just finished a long and protracted house move, which went well. Even if the broadband still isn't working, and I'm currently using dial-up. Yuck.

The comic will be back on track tomorrow (11th September 2007). We hope to see you then!


The Return of Colin!
date: 22nd August 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Tim's best friend Colin returns to the strip, and earns himself a place in the band! I love his mexican wrestler mask (complete with faux freckles)... maybe he can go play for Slipknot if Tim's band doesn't pan out. I also love his perpetual windswept cloak. He's in a hut, so I doubt there's much of a breeze to keep it up. Maybe it's kept up by wire... or maybe it's held aloft by SOLID ROCK!

Pour me another drink, Mr Bartender...
date: 12th August 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
... If you don't I'm gonna stick your d*ck in a blender...

Gotta love Vim Fuego. I dig panel 4... apparently, Wayne calls that rock pose "The Mustaine." Pretty obvious, really.

Megawatt Winged Avenger!

Gotta Love Jimi
date: 8th August 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Man, I must say that the art in the final three panels is wonderful. I love the spruced-up Jimi, even if his date IS with the unwitting mother of Tim. If only she could see him... perhaps she'd fall in love.

Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man...

Demon Souffle?
date: 5th August 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Gotta love the random question-mark, added to the text by illustrator purely as a happy accident. We left it in because it makes the band sound so much more poncey.

Apologies for the late updates this past week. My computer issues coupled with Wayne's new fatherly duties do not a timely update make. I'm sure things will level out, when I get a laptop and when Toby turns eighteen. Until then, keep on rockin'!

It's A Boy!
date: 29th July 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Wayne (the guy behind the beautiful art in this comic) and his wife Jo (the woman behind Wayne) welcomed their first child into the world late last week.

His name is Toby, and if he's anything like his parents then he's a very lucky boy.

Congratulations to Wayne and Jo, and young Toby!

(Oh, and of course, the comic is delayed by this tumultuous and happy event. Don't worry, it'll be business as usual once Wayne stops grinning like a loon.)

It's fun to be in the...
date: 22nd July 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Y! M! C! A!

The alternate panel 5 for this strip had Tim wearing leopard-skin speedos, nipple tassles, and a policeman's helmet, while he pole-danced to a pulsating dicso beat. I think I broke Wayne's brain with that one :)

date: 18th July 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
I'll not lie, this is my favourite punchline so far. I was at a train station in Stalybridge when I thought it up, and I stood laughing for about ten minutes. People were giving me funny looks.

Anyway, we have a comment feature below each strip. Come say hello.

date: 15th July 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Yes, that's right... you can now comment on each comic, without having to register (and be approved for) the forum. Simply click the "leave a comment" button under each strip... and if you wanna read the comments, simply click the "leave a comment" button too! Did you see what we did there?

As for the forums... no one bar the spammers were using them, so they're off to the grumper for now. Of course, we reserve the right to resurrect them should the need arise. Until then, enjoy the comic, and the comments.

Freddie's Dead.... that's what I said...
date: 11th July 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Today, we welcome the ever wonderful Ghost of Freddie Mercury to the growing cast numbers! We miss ya, Freddie!

Also, I love love LOVE poor comatose Sid in panel 5... I keep looking at the ghostly whisky bottles and giggling. I mean, I know they're spirits, but still...

date: 27th June 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Yup, it's true... Sid Vicious is dead, folks.

There now follows a minute's silence for one of Punk's true greats.




Yeah, that's enough of that. POGO!

Girl Guides
date: 17th June 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Originally, the final line for this was "SCREAM FOR ME, BROWN OWL!"

Of course, only the British among us actually know what a Brown Owl is, in that context at least. Shame, because it scanned well. We relocated the hut to a Church Hall, but that caused all manner of discrepancies... best leave it at that.

It ain't just Jimi...
date: 6th June 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Today's strip sees two new characters... Jane, Tim's co-worker and prospective love interest; and the Ghost of John Lennon. Because it ain't just Jimi on the case, no sir. Tim's got a cavalcade of dead musicians coming to his aid.

So who else is on the team? The Ghost of Elvis? The Ghost of Kurt Cobain? The Ghosts of James Brown, Tupac, George Formby, GG Allin, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Cliff Burton, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa, Freddie Mercury, Michael Hutchence, Buddy Holly, Shannon Hoon, Marc Bolan, Phil Lynott, Keith Moon, Johnny Cash? The Ghost of the Big Bopper? Hell, the Ghost of Mozart?

You'll just have to keep reading to find out!

Rock Tuba!
date: 3rd June 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
I'd pay to see Rikkitzz. Hell, get him an audition for Apocalyptica.

I like Mr Ricketts. He makes me smile every time I see him. I've had (and have) cool bosses, but man... Rock Tuba!

Tune in on Thursday for some more character introductions, plus one that I can GUARANTEE will be unexpected...

Everyone of us has heard the call...
date: 30th May 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
... Brothers of True Metal, proud and standing tall!

Today, we see Tim in the office environment, doing what all office workers do best - slacking off! We also introduce Tim's boss, the bald Mr. Rickets. Will he fire Tim? Will he shout and scream? Or will he simply sign up for a bass audition?

Tune in on Monday to find out!

Guest Appearance!
date: 23rd May 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
In today's strip, we have a cunning guest appearance from the one and only Bill Bailey! He's infiltrated the bar area, ninja-style. That's comedians for ya... anything for a free drink.

Strip 9
date: 13th May 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Tim finally ventures out of the house... and meets up with his best friend Colin at the local boozer.

(NB: This strip actually did turn Wayne slightly mad... he spent a number of hours creating it, then accidentally deleted everything by closing the file without saving. We've all been there... and yes, it sucks. A moment's silence, please, for the lost morsel of Wayne's sanity. Still, I reckon Strip v9.1 looks fantastic, especially Tim in the padded cell. Every cloud, etc.)

Colin's biog will be added to the Cast Page as soon as possible.


Moving Out
date: 10th May 2007
time: 5:05am
posted by: Craig
So we're on Strip 8, and we've finally left Tim's bedroom. Okay, so we only made it as far as the hallway, but it's a start!

From Monday, Tim actually leaves the house... and hooks up with another new character. I'll not tell you who, so you'll have to come back and see on Monday. New locations, new characters... admit it, we're spoiling you.

Does anyone else reckon Tim looks like Narnia's Mr. Tumnus in panel 3? Nowt wrong with that, of course: he's a good lookin' fawn.

The Speed of Comics
date: 26th April 2007
time: 12:00am
posted by: Craig
It's strange, the speed of webcomics...

Wayne likes this strip a lot. It's the most colourful so far, if you ignore the Dream Jimi panel from strip 1. The thing is, because we're working a couple of months in advance, the strips that Wayne is working on today won't be seen on the site for quite a while. At the moment, Wayne is packing the work-in-progress strips with colour... and they're looking great.

But who knows where we'll be when those colourful strips hit the site? The speed of webcomics, drip-feeding the story like a delicate torture, could see Wayne in his nihilistic Blue Period by the time we post his current colourful offering. He may stare at those colours in contempt. I can hear him now... "Not blue enough! Scrap them all!"

It's the same with the story. Out in the Real World, we're a mere four strips in, and the story is just beginning to unfold. Wayne is working on completed strips two months down the line, while I'm tinkering with scripts a further two months in advance. The speed of revelation sometimes seems glacial. I want everyone to see what Wayne is currently working on... it looks great! And I want Wayne to read all the funny stuff I currently have in my head... it makes me laugh in my sleep!

Alas, we have but the medium in which we work... drip drip drip. And while it's fun to take the journey together, it's easy to see why there's usually a collection taken for the driver when we reach our destination.

For now, enjoy the colour, and the silly jokes. Who knows where we'll be, six months down the road?

Strip 3
date: 23rd April 2007
time: 12:00am
posted by: Craig
We're up to the third strip of the comic, which doesn't mean much anniversary-wise... but it does see the introduction of a new character. Yes, it's Tim's mother.

She's ageless, as is her son. Of course, it's safe to say that she's at least 16 years older than Tim, but what age that may be shall remain a mystery. And it also seems that Jimi has taken a fancy to Mrs. Tyler. It takes diff'rent strokes to move the world, I suppose. It must be the tempting bum outline in panel six that does it.

There are more characters on the way... stay tuned! Oh, and we've added nifty "Vote For Ungrateful Dead" buttons on the left of the site... please click through if you have time. Cheers!

For Those About To Rock... We Salute You
date: 15th April 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Wayne & Craig
Welcome to Ungrateful Dead!

Ungrateful Dead is a bi-weekly webcomic, updating each Monday and Thursday, that chronicles the life of Tim Tyler, corporate drone and wannabe Rock Star. We'll not spoil the storyline just yet, but it's safe to say that his journey from office admin to rock legend is anything but smooth. Thankfully, he'll have a lot of help along the way...

We hope you enjoy the first strip - the second is up on Thursday (and the site updates each subsequent Monday and Thursday), so be sure to come back then. There's a forum for the comic, so come join and chew the fat. And if you like the comic, please tell your friends.

Sending out a Rock Salute,

Wayne and Craig.