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Damn Yankees
date: 11th November 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
I hate you all... how I want Guitar Hero 3. It's not out over here until 23rd November. I hate that... it's not as if we're a backward nation. We have running water!

Sorry for the delay!
date: 7th November 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Missed us?

Sorry for the missed updates, folks. Wayne had a critical computer meltdown, resulting in masses of deleted and corrupted work. Things have now been fixed, and hopefully we're back on schedule.

In strip news, it appears that Tank has been convinced that keyboards may bring that missing ingredient that the band needs. Of course, he may simply be high on the bleach-block fumes after ruminating in a urinal for over a week.

And Bill the Barman begins to reveal his true colors... The Phantom of the Pot-Wash is near!

Keyboards are the devil!
date: 28th October 2007
time: 11:23pm
posted by: Craig
Gotta love a guy with strong opinions...

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All characters and events in this comic - even those based on real people - are entirely fictional. It's all meant in good humour. No animals were harmed in the creation of this strip.

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